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Twirlywoos is a popular TV series shown on CBeebies. This unique show is based on pure slapstick comedy with a focus on laugh-out-loud child centric humour to engage pre-schoolers, encouraging them to think for themselves, gain confidence in their own perceptions of the world and reinforce their understanding as they grow and develop.

The Twirlywoos are the stars of the show and live on a Big Red Boat which, unknown to them, they share with Peekabo - a mysterious stow away!

Toodloo: Is a flamboyant performer. She can often be seen singing and dancing exuberantly.

Great Bighoo: Has an inquisitive nature. He can often be found exploring new objects, and trying to find out how they work.

Chickedy & Chick: Are an inseparable pair of Twirlywoos who are always seen together. They move at great speeds, and are filled with a boundless energy and enthusiasm..

Encourage imginative play

The adorable Twirlywoos Family Gift pack features Great Bighoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick and Peekaboo!

Made of chunky and durable plastic these colourful character figurines are the perfect size for little hands to grasp and will help children to develop fine motor skills whilst encouraging them to use their imagination through pretend play.


The Twirlywoos Character Figurine Gift pack come in a window box with a handle making it the perfect gift for any Twirlywoos fan!


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