Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Kids & Adults Classic Board Game

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Looking for an activity that kids and adults can enjoy during family time? Try the Trivial Pursuit game designed for families. It includes 2,400 questions for kids and adults. Players can test what they know with exciting questions from 6 categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Sports and Leisure, Arts and Literature, and Science and Nature. This version of the game can be played quicker than the traditional Trivial Pursuit game -- great for game night.

The Trivial Pursuit Family board game was created with different ages in mind, so kids and adults can be excited about playing. It comes with 1200 easier questions for kids and 1200 more challenging questions for adults. Team up or play individually, and take turns moving around the board answering questions to win wedges. The first player or team to earn each of the 6 category wedges, and answer a final question correctly wins!


  • Quick-play trivia for the whole family
  • Features cards for kids and cards for adults
  • Includes 2, 400 trivia questions
  • Featuring showdown challenge that amps up the gameplay


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