Sticky Pig Splat Ball Squishy Squeeze Stress Relief Toys

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Description :
This ball splats and sticks against surfaces when hurled against them, then slowly peels off back into a spherical shape.

Features :

  • Smiler Splat Ball that spreads across surfaces on impact
  • Soft gel ball with a pig design
  • Measures approx 6 cm
  • An assortment of colours will be sent

    Splat Ball Use :
  • Splat Balls are designed for indoor use. If your Splat Ball is thrown on concrete or other rough surfaces it will likely break
  • This splat ball is recommended for indoor use only.
  • Also, allowing the Splatball to return to it's original shape before retrieving it will increase it's lifespan. Pulling it too quickly from a surface before its been allowed to reshape weakens the plastic and shortens the life of the product. Not recommended
  • Throwing against anything with an edge, such as corners of appliances, furniture, etc may cause burst
  • When your Splat Ball loses it's sticking or expanding ability, simply wash with warm soapy water and dry


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