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Squeakee Minis are the cute mini balloon animals with hilarious helium voices. These cute little animals combine everything that you love about balloons and playful pets. Meet Sugapops the Unicorn!

Sugapops is a shy little gal, but once you get to know her, youll find shes full of fun! Super sweet, she loves to repeat what you say in her squeaky helium voice. Blow on her nose and hear this cute little unicorn inflate until she goes ˜pop! Sugapops is born to be your bestie!

Pat Minis and they'll give a ˜squeak! Blow on their nose and theyll pretend to inflate then pop in a hilarious way! Their funny helium playback voice will make you giggle. There are other Squeakee Minis to meet such as Heelie the Puppy, or Poppy The Bunny! Collect them all!


  • You'll LOL When You Chat With Heelie! Heelie the Puppy is a little balloon pet inflated with personality! This fun-filled best friend loves to play and repeat what you say! Press and hold Heelies nose and say your message. Your Squeakee Mini will repeat your message back to you in their hilarious squeaky helium voice! Once you chat with Heelie, you wont want to stop because this little guy makes everything you say sound silly!
  • Heelie Makes You Speak With A Squeak!Try not to laugh when you hear your words come out of Heelie the Puppy's mouth in their hilarious helium voice! No matter what you say, even if it's very serious, your Squeaky Minis will change your voice to make it sound as if you have been sucking on a helium balloon!
  • Hear Heelie The Puppy Inflate!You can pretend to inflate your Mini Squeakee! Hold Heelie up to your mouth and blow on his nose. You will hear him inflate! Each time you blow, he will sound as if he is inflating more and more, but inflate Heelie too much and youll hear him POP! Heelie the Puppy really is your 'Fun-Filled pet!
  • Pet Heelie And He Squeaks! This little electronic balloon animal is so interactive. Heelie the Puppy loves to be pet! Pat your mini balloon pet on their head and hear him squeak just like a real Balloon animal! Continue to pet him and they'll become more squeaky and excited!
  • Collect Us All!There are three Squeakee Minis balloon animals to meet and make friends with: The very cute balloon dog - Heelie the Puppy, the cheeky purple chimp - Billo the Monkey and the sweet pink balloon bunny - Poppy the Bunny! Collect them all! You will love caring and training your new Best Friends because these mini pals are inflated with fun!


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