Polar Gear Marvel Spider-Man Insulated Lunch Bag

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  • OFFICIAL MARVEL SPIDER-MAN LUNCH BAG: Our insulated Spiderman lunch bag is perfect for little ones wanting to eat like their web-slinging hero. The PEVA inside covering is food-safe and the fully insulated lining will keep food fresh as well as warm or cold. Great for everyday use like for school
  • sports
  • after school clubs
  • days out and holidays. A matching water bottle
  • tableware set and cutlery set are available as part of our official UK Marvel merchandise.
  • IDEAL FOR LITTLE HANDS: Our Spiderman food cooler is great for kids. With a simple zip closure and wide compartment
  • your child can access their food easily and stow their food away without difficulty. The wide handle at the top of the bag is so kids can carry the lunch bag in their hand or pop in a bigger schoolbag and easily store in their cubby holes at school. Perfect for kids on the go.
  • COMPACT SIZE THAT FITS A HEALTHY KIDS LUNCH: Get your child into good food habits by giving them a lunch bag that can fit the essentials. Add part of their 5-a-day with a protein filled sandwich as well as a banana or apple
  • crunchy vegetables or a yoghurt. The bag is 23cm long
  • 8cm wide and 19.5cm tall
  • so there's ample room for adding all your kid's favourites.
  • FOLD INSIDE OUT FOR A SPOTLESS CLEAN: Our 8cm deep lunch bags are super easy to clean. Simply curl the inside of the PEVA lining outwards by the seams to shake off crumbs. Wipe down with a clean damp cloth to sanitise efficiently for next use.
  • WRITE YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON THEIR LUNCH BAG: It can be so easy to lose things at school or the after school club. On the bottom of the bag is a paper insert where you can write their name and thread through the clear plastic window
  • so teachers and envious classmates can see who the bag belongs to.


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