PillowTie Inflatable Pillow Tie Stripe Necktie Soft Silk Secret Santa Xmas Gift

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Description :
Sometimes we all need a little refreshing nap, especially after a Friday pub lunch or during a very boring meeting! But how do you get comfy at your desk without arousing suspicion? After all, you can't smuggle a pillow into the office. Enter, with a refreshing yawn, the ingenious Pillow Tie. As its name suggests this stylish necktie doubles up as a nifty portable pillow. Yes, really! Simply inflate its concealed airbag via the hidden mouthpiece and rest your weary head. You won't even need to take it off. And when the boss walks in you can deflate it in seconds. What? Where? Who? Uhm, yes, the annual report is on its way.

Completely indistinguishable from a regular tie when deflated, the Pillow Tie is an ideal gift for tired train travellers, bored execs, hung over churchgoers, over-refreshed wedding guests and lazy screen monkeys. And because it's made from a microfiber/silk blend it won't crease or leave tell-tale marks on your face, even after a post liquid lunch blackout.

Features :
  • Made from a microfiber/silk mix
  • Holds up to 25lbs (That's a big head!)
  • Soft Fabric for Ultimate Comfort
  • Does Not Wrinkle Easily
  • Inflatable Piece: Easy to Operate Valve - Durable PVC Plastic - Invisible When Deflated - Removable

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