Pictionary Air Harry Potter Family Drawing Game

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Pictionary Air Gets Magical with Harry Potter!

‹Draw in the air and see it on screen with enchanted gameplay inspired by the Wizarding World.

Draw with an exquisitely detailed wand modeled after the one Harry Potter uses in the films.

Includes 1000+ clues from the Muggle and Harry Potter worlds, held in Harry's trunk. House clues and Superfan clues provide levels of gameplay for every player.

It's no ordinary drawing game! Get up, get moving and get your team to guess by interacting with your sketch!


  • Choose a Hogwarts house for each team, then get up and get drawing with Pictionary Air Harry Potter, a magical twist on the classic drawing game
  • ‹Use special Harry Potter clue cards inspired by the Wizarding World to be drawn with Harry's wand
  • ‹Players take turns drawing clues in the air and interacting with the images while their teammates guess
  • ‹Download the free Pictionary Air app and the active player will appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device
  • ‹Players can cast gameplay onto their TV using Apple TV, Chromecast or compatible streaming device at home Compatible streaming device required Check the Pictionary Air support page online for device compatibility and other information
  • ‹Pictionary Air Harry Potter is perfect for an active magical family game night


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