Nickelodeon Slime The Great Slime Extravaganza

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Description :
Make your own slime creations. Make loads of different slimes. Make Mermaid, Unicorn, Tie-dye Party and Foamy, Googly Eyes, Metallic, Scented, plus many more combinations for hours of fun. Experiment with glitter, scented and googly eyes plus different colour effects. Make your own snow cone slime. Your imagination’s the limit. Encourages STEM learning. Our slimes are quality checked and made with safe fun in mind. It's Ooey gooey stretchy fun. There's lots of storage pots, so you can safely store your slime to use over and over again. For ages 6 years and over. Helpful Hints: Protect any delicate surfaces or fabrics. Slime should be put in a container after use and the lid sealed and labeled clearly.

Features :
Makes loads of cool slimes
Mix and make for ooey gooey fun
Everything you need to make and store your own slime
Make your own snow cone slime
Encourages STEM learning


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