Nerf Fortnite TS MicroShots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster and 2 Official Elite Darts

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  • FORTNITE TS DART-FIRING BLASTER: Nerf Micro Shots mini-sized blaster toy is inspired by the blaster used in the popular Fortnight video game
  • SCRUNCHED-DOWN STYLE: Nerf Micro Shots collectible
  • dart-firing blasters capture the look of the original blasters but in a scrunched-down style all their own
  • INCLUDES 2 DARTS AND FIRES 1 DART AT A TIME: This single-shot blaster comes with 2 Official Nerf Elite darts
  • fires 1 dart at a time
  • and is hand-powered (no batteries required)
  • PART OF THE COLLECTIBLE MICROSHOTS SERIES: The blaster is part of the Micros hot series of collectible
  • micro-sized dart-firing blasters


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