Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker

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From ice-lollies to Frosty slushies, Mr Frosty will provide hours of entertainment for the kids (and older ones with nostalgic memories of this classic toy). On a hot summer day Mr Frosty will keep the whole family cool! This friendly snowman comes with everything you need to create lollies, crushed ice drinks and fruity frozen shapes to enjoy and share with friends.

Mr Frosty Fruity Shapes

For clear Mr Frosty shapes pour water into the trays! For flavoured or coloured shapes mix cold water and fruit juice or cordial together. Freeze - once frozen twist the trays to release the shapes.

Mr Frosty Crushed Iced

Use the Mr Frosty frozen shapes and place under Mr Frosty's hat.

Turn the handle

Gently apply pressure to Mr Frosty's hat and turn the grater handle.

Collect from the storage tray

The crushed ice will collect inside the tray

Add flavour and serve

Serve in bowls with the Mr Frosty spoons. For extra flavour remove the penguin's hat and fill him 1/3 full with your favourite flavor cordial, then squirt a little extra flavouring into your crushed ice.

Mr Frosty Ice Lollies

Mix cold water and fruit juice or cordial together and pour mixture into the ice lolly moulds. Freeze until solid and then enjoy.


  • Retro Mr Frosty ice cruncher.
  • Use any fruit drink to create delicious frozen treats.
  • Includes everything to make crushed ice sundaes, lollies and more.
  • Simply turn handle to crush the ice.
  • Includes Mr Frosty spoons and bowls to taste your creations!


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