Mookie Spiro Spin Seesaw Childrens Outdoor Playground Toy

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  • SPINNING & BOUNCING SEESAW: A fun seesaw where kids can comfortably sit
  • bounce up and down
  • and spin around and around. Designed for active play that delivers smiles
  • giggles
  • and joy
  • SPIN AND BOUNCE AWAY: Take a seat and hold on tight
  • because you?re about to experience bouncing
  • spinning fun! Everyone will enjoy the ride as they go round and round
  • BOOST SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Kids will develop balance and coordination while having a blast! Parents can join the fun by guiding the motions up
  • down
  • and around using the assist handle
  • FUN AND EXERCISE FOR TODDLERS: The Spiro Spin makes a great outdoor activity for kids who need to get their wiggles out! It?s sized just right to support a maximum weight of 35 kg (77lbs) at each end
  • OUTDOOR USE: Designed specifically for 3-8 year olds
  • it will have your kids in a 360-degree spin and bouncing around like Tigger on a Pogo stick! Ideal for outdoor use


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