Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition Board Game Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game

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  • Monopoly game with Jurassic Park theme: gameplay
  • artwork
  • sound effects and monopoly pieces inspired by the film
  • Gate with music and SFX: one can get money when passing or landing on Go by activating the electronic Jurassic Park gate; whether it plays the Jurassic Park film theme or a dinosaur roar determines the amount
  • Includes: T. Rex token - play as a character from the original Jurassic Park film but also move the T. Rex piece on each turn
  • Build protective fences: build a fence as soon as one dinosaur paddock in a colour set is owned; fences allow players to charge more rent and protect properties from the T. Rex
  • For Jurassic Park fans: the monopoly - Jurassic Park Edition game is a fun twist on classic monopoly gameplay and makes an ideal gift idea for fans of the Jurassic Park film
  • and children aged 8 and up


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