Mattel Uno Minecraft Card Game

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Create, Explore, Survive. And Play UNO!​

​This game brings exciting videogame graphics to the table -- the card table, that is! This special edition deck combines two games kids love – Minecraft and UNO cards -- for adventurous game play!​​

This UNO Minecraft deck gets a unique look, with Minecraft graphics of everyone's favorite characters and environments on each card that will make it a prized collector item.​

This 112-card deck includes a special Minecraft-themed wild card. The Creeper card -- show it to the other players and they'll have to draw three more cards!​

Game play is like the classic UNO card game – matching colors and numbers and, for this edition, Minecraft characters! When a player has one card left, they must still yell "UNO!"​

Surviving Family Game Night!​

​The UNO Minecraft card game is perfect for big or small gatherings of 2-10 players ages 7 years and older. The colorful and imaginative Minecraft designs will make the whole family want to play!​


  • Now Minecraft lovers can play a special version of UNO
  • Same as Basic UNO but features Minecraft characters and includes special Creeper rule card. Draw this card and the other players have to draw three more cards from the pile
  • The goal is to get rid of all the cards in your hand
  • First player or team to 500 wins
  • When you're down to one card, don't forget to yell 'UNO'


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