LOL Surprise OMG Remix - With 25 Surprises - Pop BB

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  • 25 SURPRISES INSIDE - Unbox 25 surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix fashion doll
  • Pop B.B. She has stunning features
  • styled hair and articulated for tons of poses!
  • FASHION REMIX - Pop B.B. comes with 2 fashion looks
  • but her 2nd outfit got remixed with her BFF
  • Kitty K. Collect both to complete her look.
  • POP STAR - Pop B.B. is inspired by pop music and all about creating unique fashion combos with her cute denim jacket mixed with her frilly lace skirt. Dress Pop B.B. in her fierce fashions. PRO TIP: Hands are removable for easy dressing.
  • SPIN RECORD TO PLAY MUSIC - Unbox Pop B.B.'s full-size record that really plays music on the package. Play the record to reveal Kitty K's pop piece of a surprise song.
  • UNBOX SONG LYRICS - Pop B.B. also includes a magazine with her song lyrics. Collect all the lyric sheets from the whole L.O.L. Surprise! Remix line to reveal the whole song. Or
  • mix & match lyrics to create your own Remix.


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