Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset

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Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz

Sand Playset with Over 10 Tools

Create surprising sand explosions with the Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset! With 2lbs of Kinetic Sand and over 10 tools, you can create amazing sand transformations. Open the case to discover the sets Kinetic Sand in compartments and a play area on the lid. First, let the Kinetic Sand flow through your hands until its nice and fluffy, scoop it up and drop it into an extruder tube (2 included). Next, squish the sand down and layer sand until the tube is full. Finally, pick a shape shifter (6 included) and clip it on top of the tube, then get ready for some Sandwhirlz magic! Push the extruder tube down on top of the plunger “ if you need some help, just ask an adult “ and watch as your sand explodes out the top! Mix and match the sets tools and colors of sand for a different sand effect every time! Create endless sand effects with the

Drop and Squish Play

Drop and squish Kinetic Sand, just like youve seen on social media! Play with the sets red, blue and yellow Kinetic Sand to get it soft and flowy. Scoop it up, drop it into 1 of 2 extruder tubes and squish it down with the plunger. Layer your sand until the tube is full, then get ready to reveal your amazing sand transformation!

Mix and Match Tools

Fully customize your sand effects with over 10 tools! The Sandwhirlz Playset includes 2 different extruder tubes (starburst or cloud-shaped) and 6 shape shifter attachments, each with a different design for a unique sand effect! Mix and match the sets extruder tubes, shape shifters and colours of sand for endless play!

Create Colourful Effects

Create your own mesmerising sand explosions! Once youre finished layering sand into the extruder tube, push it down on top of the plunger. As you push down, your sand magically flows out the top of the shape shifter in a really cool way! Plus, use the extruder tubes as moulds, squish the shapes with the plunger or use the plunger as a roller!


  • DROP AND SQUISH: With red, yellow and blue Kinetic Sand included, drop sand into 1 of 2 extruder tubes and gently squish it down with the plunger. Layer until youre ready to make your sand transform
  • MIX AND MATCH TOOLS: The Sandwhirlz Playset has over 10 tools, including 2 extruder shapes and 6 shape shifters with unique designs to fully customise your sand effects. Mix and match for endless play
  • MESMERISING TRANSFORMATIONS: Create surprise Sandwhirlz explosions. Push the extruder tube on top of the plunger and watch the sand magically flow out the top. If you need some help, just ask an adult
  • The Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset is a great gift for kids aged 3 and up. Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten and casein free. Drop, squish and transform
  • Includes: 907g Kinetic Sand, 6 Shape Shifters, 1 Cloud Extruder, 1 Burst Extruder, 2 Pucks/Stampers, 1 Plunger/Roller, 1 Base, 1 Scoop, 1 Portable Case, 1 Instruction Sheet


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