Hot Wheels HW City Toxic Snake Strike

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  • ?A massive cobra oozes green Slime from its fangs in the Hot Wheels Toxic Snake Strikeplay set while kids launch Hot Wheels cars through it and try to land on one of two buttons that will destroy it ? 1 Hot Wheels car is included.
  • ?Cars shoot out of the cobra's mouth and ideally land either the cobra's eggs or the meltdown button
  • both of which topple the foe.
  • ?Cars not moving fast enough get stuck in the Slime and have to start over.
  • ?Play set includes a container of reusable green Slime
  • which can be poured into the snake's head for it to drip through its fangs and onto cars waiting at the set's "electric plant".
  • ?Features performance push-around-play with a recognizable nemesis for a gift that kids 5 years old and older love!


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