Hasbro Monopoly Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Boxed Game Inspired by The Mandalorian (Italian Version )

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  • Inspired by the TV series: This Star Wars Edition Monopoly board game The Mandalorian is inspired by the action-packed TV series The Mandalorian broadcast on Disney Plus
  • Monopoly: Fans of The Mandalorian can play as their favorite character in the series: The Mandalorian
  • Cara Dune
  • IG-11 or Kuiil. Each character has a special skill shown in his Character card
  • The Child: When a player passes or arrives in the box of The Child (the character that the fans call "Baby Yoda")
  • he takes the pawn of The Child and can use his character's ability along with the exceptional ability of The Child
  • Fight Imperial Enemies: Includes Stormtrooper pawns with incinerator
  • Death Trooper and enemy Moff Gideon who can change strategy and lead battles. If an imperial enemy reaches The Child
  • the game ends
  • Buy Hideouts: Buy hideouts and earn imperial credits by cashing rentals
  • Italian version


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