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This Phlat Ball V4 is a unique toy that easily transforms from a 9 inch flying disc to a 6 inch diameter ball when thrown. Its variable time-delay feature provides a surprise transformation, so you never know at what point in the throw it will change shape. This makes it a fun challenge to catch!

The Phlat Ball V4 is available in four awesome fusion colour combinations. Get your disc-ball in bright blue and red, cool green and blue, fiery red or orange and yellow. Unfortunately, it is not possible to request which colour combination you would prefer online. One disc-ball and a set of game suggestions are supplied in each pack.

Just lightly squeeze the ball form to transform it back into a disk again. The soft and flexible plastic material ensures comfortable contact when caught, making this disk-ball perfect for active play. Ergonomic indented grooves and ridges in the surface of the disc-ball provide players with an easy surface to grip. The Phlat Ball V4 pack includes game suggestions. Banish boredom completely with an endless variety of ways to play and hours of fun and action just waiting to be discovered.


  • This fun toy transforms from puck to ball. Throw a puck and collect a ball! You can play in the pool, on the beach, or anywhere you can think of with this fun frisbee!
  • Phlat Ball is a unique sports toy that transforms from a frisbee to a ball when thrown! It's like playing with a frisbee ball!
  • The material of this frisbee ball is made of soft and flexible plastic, so you can play with it without fear of breaking, it is very resistant!
  • The time it takes to switch from ball to puck is variable, so you never know who is going to get a frisbee or a ball! You dare?
  • There are several colors of Phlat Ball: yellow, red or blue.


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