Girls Land Girl Costume World War Wartime Fancy Dress WW2 Outfit

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Size: Medium
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Description :
With the men away fighting at the front, the Womens Land Army stepped into the breach at home to keep the farms turning out the food. With the pressures of war, it soon became scarce and youll get your ration book to prove it.

Features :
  • Jumpsuit
  • Headpiece
  • Mock ration book

  • Size Guide :
  • Small: Age 3-4 - Height 104cm - Waist 51cm
  • Medium: Age 5-6 - Height 116cm - Waist 53cm
  • Large: Age 7-8 - Height 128cm - Waist 56cm
  • Extra Large - Age 9-10 - Height 140cm - Waist 62cm

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