Fisher-Price Pixar Toy Story Interactables Woody Figure

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With Pixar Interactables figures, everyone has something to say, whether to their best friend, greatest foe or a new encounter across the Pixar universe “ these action figures have unique responses!

Just press the button to start the figures talking! Pixar characters always have something to say -- hear classic phrases from Disney and Pixar movies like Toy Story and The Incredibles!

When near each other, Interactable characters from the same film greet each other by name and have a lively conversation. The figures are designed in scale to each other with moveable joints and authentic detail.

‹Figures from different films identify themselves and engage in a friendly chat. What will they say?

Pixar Interactable figures unlock new phrases when they meet so conversations grow with a collection. Fans can collect their favorites and immerse themselves in the world of Pixar!‹


  • ‹Greeting Interactables characters from across the Pixar world, this Woody talking action figure has something to say to everyone!
  • ‹Dialogue ranges from movie-specific phrases between Woody and others from the Toy Story gang, to friendy greetings and encouraging new adventures with figures from other Disney and Pixar movies.
  • ‹Highly posable, this 9.2-inch (23.4-cm) tall figure has multiple movable joints and movie-authentic detail in his western sheriff look so when he's not talking, he can be the star of a Pixar display!
  • ‹With Pixar heroes, villains and everything in between, kids can create a lively interactive collection! Each figure sold separately and subject to availability.
  • ‹Makes a talkative gift for any Pixar fan ages 3 years and older. Battery-operated toy with battery included.


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