Enchantimals Ekaterina Elephant Doll and Elephant Friend Antic

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Gillian has an apple tree orchard, where they can always reach the pick of the crop.

Gillian has pastel yellow skin with giraffe spots on her forehead. She has a red painted nose, red eyebrows, pink lips, and purple eyes. She has red hair that flows around her giraffe ears and down to her hips. She has a giraffe tail. She wears a yellow molded-on bodice with a collar of a teal, black, pink, and yellow pattern. Her pink skirt is removable with a black elastic band at the waste with a faint giraffe pattern in the back with teal, purple, pink, yellow, and red flowers and tree leaves.

The trim is scalloped. Gillian's footwear consists of teal shoes with circles on them. She has a red-pink headband with a yellow geometric pattern and teal, yellow, and red flowers on the side of the headband.


  • Ekaterina Elephant and her great elephant friend Antic are from the world of Enchantimals
  • Each 15 cm doll can ride on the big figure and actively discover imaginative play worlds
  • Ekaterina Elephant is wearing a fun outfit with a blue necklace on a pink and white top with a colourful floral print on the removable skirt and pink shoes
  • A golden hairpiece with decorative beads sets a great contrast in her long blue hair
  • The elephant friend Antic has adorable details, such as a furry tuft of hair, a cute expression and a pink and yellow blanket, along with golden reins with decorative beads and a removable headpiece that suits her best friend


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