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  • It's game
  • set and match with this Sporting version of the popular board game Tension > from Dame Kelly Holmes to Sir Steve Redgrave > from Horse Racing to Motor Racing
  • Sport Tension covers everyone's sporting favourites
  • As with Family Tension its a race to name ten examples to a given 'sport' subject and its against the clock
  • At the top of each card there is a topic and a list of 10 possible answers; the object is to see how many your team can guess in 60 seconds; the unique Tension score slider makes marking down the shout-outs so easy
  • 10 football teams who play in red > 10 ladies to win the Wimbledon singles title > 10 legendary heavyweight boxers > sounds simple but you have to get the exact 10 on the card
  • Call out as many examples as you can and don't give up until the timer runs out


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