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  • QUIZ BINGO GAME > Is the quiz game that not only has 2700 new and challenging questions
  • meaning that you can play 50 full games of Quiz Bingo
  • but also has a new and exciting way to play
  • OBJECTIVE > Quiz Bingo is played over 6 rounds
  • with everyone answering 9 questions from each of the 6 given categories; Entertainment
  • Science & Nature
  • History
  • Sports & Pastimes
  • Around the World
  • Arts & Literature
  • QUIZ BINGO RULES > Randomly enter the numbers 1 to 9 in the boxes on the Bingo answer grid; the first team to get 3 correct answers in a row shouts bingo
  • CONTENT > 3 Decks of Quiz Bingo question cards
  • bingo answer grids
  • master score sheets
  • bingo number counters
  • 6 pencils
  • rules and answers booklet. And as the answers are in the booklet it means that the question asker can also join in.
  • SCORING > Scoring is simple
  • the first player/team that calls bingo gets the maximum 10 points
  • the next 8 and so on... you may only get 3 answers right in a round
  • but you could still pick up the maximum 10 points for a line.


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