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Throw a party with added entertainment! This catchy new collection of assorted drinking games is just the ticket for making parties go with a swing. With 9 titles to choose between, these mini-tin monsters don't need alcohol to have fun... they work equally well with soft drinks. Just flip the top, pick a game card and you're off - but don't make any mistakes or there's a forfeit to perform! Beer Snap : Rip-roaring fun from the off, this is the classic card-matching game with a twist. Play Cards and look for matches & when you see one shout the name of a drink. Fail however, and you pay an instant drinking forfeit!

Blotto : This dinking game is a hoot! The card pack has sets of drinks and your aim is to collect them... but keep an eye oun the others because they might beat you to it... then grab a 'Blotto' top. Natrally the loser takes a drink!

Fuzzy Duck : This hilarious card game will instantly incapacitate you with laughter! The game couldn't be simpler: play your cards one at a time and make the right call... but maske a mistake and it's an instant drink-a-finger penalty!

Gargle : Smash-hit pop songs have famous tunes... but can you recognise them when they're gargled?! This hilarious game will test your musical abilities and you've guessed it, it's a riot of a drinking game too!

Hic : This is a mouthful of a 'murd wuddling' challenge, full of torturous tongue twisters! In a race to play without mistakes, you collect reward cards. Fail and you face a drinking forfeit: down a slick slippery sliding slope!

Legless : This crazy huff'n'puff game will soon have you in stitches. Stachk the cards on top of a bottle and try to blow just one off, do so and everyone takes a drink. Fail, however, and the cards will reveal the forfeit you must face!

Pub Crawl : This game's a fabulous trawl through collective memories... Given a topic, everyone races to find things that fit, but don't be the first to run out of examples or you'll face a drinking forfeit! Instant fun and loads of luaghs!

Ratted : This thrilling drinking game includes one card that you just don't want to collect, the Rat! matching drinks into their pairs, everyone will gradually remove cards from the game... until just the dreaded Rat remains!

Spin The Bottle : The classic fun and forfeit drinking game. Set the bottle spinning and hold your breath... when it stops, the lucky(??!) player it points towards has to pick a card and face the mystery dare, or take a drinking forfeit!


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