Cave Club Rockelle Doll & Tyrasaurus Dinosaur Pal Playset

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Meet the Cave Club -- a prehistoric group of fearless friends who are way ahead of their time!

Saddle up and stomp into adventure with Rockelle and Tyrasaurus the T-Rex! With room for 2 dolls, kids can bring another Cave Club pal along for the ride.

Included accessories spark snacking and styling fun! Smaller pieces feature handles so Rockelle doll can hold them on her own.

Tyrasaurus has a roaring appetite -- press the lever to open and close her mouth and help her chomp on a dino snack!

Rockelle doll and her giant dino pal inspire epic storytelling adventures for explorers ages 4 years old and up. Kids can collect more Cave Club dolls to make history with the whole crew!


  • Discover the world of Cave Club, a land of exploration, adventure and even dinosaurs!
  • Kids can stomp into adventure with this Cave Clubplayset featuring Rockelleand her giant dinosaur pal, Tyrasaurus.
  • Rockelledoll is ready to ride -- seat her in the T-Rex's saddle, clip her legs in and hit the trail.
  • Press the lever on Tyrasaurus' neck to help her chomp on a snack! Food pieces and a beverage cup feature handles so Rockelledoll can hold them on her own.
  • Use the hairbrush and clip-in hair accessory to give the prehistoric pals rockin' new looks!
  • The 2-seater saddle features enough room for Rockelledoll and a friend (other dolls sold separately).
  • Transport imaginations to the dawn of time with Cave Clubdolls and toys! Kids aged 4 years and up can collect them all to complete the club.


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