Cave Club Fernessa Doll

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Meet the Cave Club -- a prehistoric group of fearless friends who are way ahead of their time!

Fernessa dolls fern-tastic look features a hot-pink hairstyle and Venus fly trap headpiece.

Her awesome blossom handbag hides a flower inside -- press the lever to see it bloom!

Spark styling fun and friendship stories with a comb accessory and her dino pet, Ptilly the pterodactyl!

‹Kids ages 4 years old and up can embark on epic storytelling adventures with their favorite Cave Club doll or collect them all to make history with the whole crew.


  • Meet the Cave Club, a prehistoric group of fearless friends who are way ahead of their time
  • Fernessa is passionate about plants, animals and helping her friends bloom with fern-tastic advice
  • Cave Club Fernessa doll rocks a neon-bright dress and a leaf-inspired scarf with a signature pink flower
  • Includes her pet dinosaur Ptilly, plus a comb accessory and awesome blossom handbag that blooms when kids press its lever
  • ‹With bendable elbows, wrists and knees, Fernessa doll can sidestep a t-rex, dodge a lava geyser or plant the first ever organic garden
  • Transport imaginations to the dawn of time with Cave Club dolls and toys Kids ages 4 years old and up can collect them all to complete the club


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