Scola Air Drying Modelling Clay Stone 12.5Kg x2

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12.5kg Scola Airdrying Air Dry Clay : Stone x2 (15Kg Total Clay)

Scola Air-Hardening Clay has all the qualities of traditional clay except that it doesn't require firing, making it ideal for younger and less experienced modellers. It is reinforced with synthetic fibres for additional strength and a low shrinkage rate. Drying time will obviously vary according to the thickness and size of the model. Incomplete models can be kept workable under a damp cloth so that modelling can be spread over more than one session. More advanced potters can also use this versatile and economical clay as it can be fired if required. Finished models can be coated in PVA glue and decorated with acrylic paint.t


  • 12.5kg Pack of Terracotta Stone Clay x2 (15Kg Total Clay)
  • Dries in air
  • No need for firing
  • Nylon fibre reinforced
  • Can be coated with PVA glue & decorated with acrylic paints


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