Schleich Meerkat Hangout Wild Life

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The new meerkat mound from Schleich WILD LIFE is home to three lovable and adventurous meerkats! The three meerkats experience all kinds of adventures in the new meerkat hill from Schleich Wild Life! So the small, cheeky animals can rock, slide down the hill, or hide around the meerkat hill! Has a meerkat hiding in the Nara melon? After such a fast game, a nap in the leaf swing follows first.


  • The new meerkat hill from Schleich Wild Life is the home of three lovable, adventurous meerkats
  • Attractive set with cheeky meerkats and lots of play features. Ideal for taking with you and playing!
  • With slide and rocker. Animals fit in the cave! The animal figures are not sold individually
  • The Schleich figures are modelled with great attention to detail and stand for educationally valuable play.
  • The item belongs to the theme world Wild Life and is suitable for children between 3-8 years.


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