Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Fuel Can Stunt Box Car Track Playset


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Description: The Fuel Can Stunt Box track pieces and connectors are compatible with other Hot Wheels sets, so kids can build out an awesome course packed with stunts and challenges!​ Use the fuel can as part of the track to create epic stunts and builds. Create a unique track system of one's own design. Each track piece also connects to other sets for unlimited building possibilities. Store individual track accessories in designated spots inside the multi-functional fuel can.

- Open up the storage box to find all the straight and curved track pieces needed to build this exciting Hot Wheels stunt course
- Not only does the can-shaped box make storage easier, but unfolded it can be used to create vertical stunt tracks that cars zoom down before hitting the loop
- Kids can experiment and build their own stunt sets while learning the importance of keeping things tidy using the case's dedicated storage spots
- Suitable for kids 6+


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