Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Corkscrew Twist Kit Toy Car Play Set


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Description: The Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Corkscrew Twist Kit can connect to other Hot Wheels track sets for kids to design and build a unique set-up for racing and stunting.‹‹ Launch the Hot Wheels car through the corkscrew and hit the target at the end. One Hot Wheels car is included. Change the set-up and launch cars directly at the target through the middle of the corkscrew. ‹Place the track pieces in special compartments for easy and convenient storage.

- Theres a thrilling new challenge available for racing fans with the Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Corkscrew Twist Kit playset!
- In this brilliant track set, kids start the adventure by pressing the included launcher, firing their Hot Wheels car toys through corkscrew loops before attempting the incredible stunt of leaping towards the target!
- Alternatively, the track design can be changed so that the launcher fires the Hot Wheels cars straight towards the target - its up to kids to experiment and try to master the challenge.
- The track set includes designated spots for the launcher, target and peripheral tracks to go for easy storage, ensuring that you wont lose any of the pieces when youre on the go


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