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Description :
Are your tired of running after the ball every time you try to dribble? Now you can practise doing keepie uppies, flicks, tricks and ball control using the official Lionel Messi Pro Training Ball. Use the easy grip handle to hold onto the training cord, which is adjustable to suit your height, when practicing like your hero Lionel Messi. The football comes pre-pumped. Aids body control, balance weight of pass, touch control and much more! Contents: 1 Messi 2 - in “ 1 Soft Touch Never Give Up Training Ball Suitable for ages 4 and above. Play Like Messi
¢ Maintain a low centre of gravity, keeping your head over the ball and staying as low to the ground as possible to enable you to change direction quicker.
¢ The more you practice the more your skills will improve.
¢ Maintain your awareness whilst dribbling - practise being in control of the ball with your feet instead of your eyes.
¢ Foot Control - keep the ball close to your feet, aiming to make as many touches as possible allowing less opportunity for an opponent to steal the ball away. What do children learn from playing football...
¢ Practicing key football skills, enhances concentration and analytical skills.
¢ Develop physical fitness, strength and coordination.
¢ Promotes healthy sense of competition and motivation to achieve.
¢ Playing in a team teaches essential social skills like sportsmanship, team spirit and cooperation.

Features :
Perfect for keepie uppies, flicks and ball control!
Ergonomic handle for easy hold while practicing
Adjust the height of the cord to suit you
Size 3 football comes pre-pumped
The soft material makes it great for younger players


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