Jurassic World Feeding Frenzy Indominus Rex

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  • ‹The Feeding Frenzy Indominus Rex is inspired by the Jurassic World animated series
  • Camp Cretaceous!
  • ‹The most terrifying and deadliest dinosaur
  • Indominus Rex is ready for a feeding frenzy and has a huge BITE!
  • ‹Pet Indominus Rex on the head and she lets out a small
  • playful growl!
  • ‹Push back the tail and the mouth opens so kids can put the "toy ribs" (included) in her mouth and she releases a massive CHOMP.
  • ‹But watch out! Don't pet the Indominus Rex when she's eating her ribs! If you do
  • she will let out a fierce growl and her eyes glow red
  • too!


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