Disney Pixar Interactables Zurg Talking Action Figure

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This Emperor Zurg talking action figure always has something to say, both to fans and other Interactables figures from across the Disney Pixar Universe!


  • The dialogue ranges from Emperor Zurgs signature troublemaking to interacting and forming new adventures with Interactables figures from other Disney and Pixar movies!
  • This Disney Pixar figure is 21cm tall and has multiple movable joints as well as his iconic regal purple outfit, so when he's not talking, Emperor Zurg is primed and ready to start scheming!
  • Kids can create an exciting collection of Pixar heroes, villains, and everything in between that will interact with each other! (Each figure sold separately and subject to availability).
  • Makes an excellent gift for kids aged 3+, particularly those who enjoy interactive play and love the joy and excitement of Disney Pixar.
  • Comes with batteries included. Colours and decorations may vary.


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